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my campAre you deeply passionate about the wonders of the great outdoors? Do you revel in the magic of camping beneath the stars, finding joy in exploring the open road with nothing but your trusty tent? If you’re a born storyteller with a penchant for sharing your camping escapades, we extend a warm invitation to join our camping community and contribute to our blog!

At My Camp Blog, we firmly believe that the most captivating stories are penned by those who live them. That’s precisely why we’re on the lookout for kindred spirits among camping enthusiasts to weave their tales of adventure, offer valuable tips for successful trips, and provide insights into the enchanting realm of camping.


Why Write for Us?write for us

Share Your Adventures: Unleash the power of your camping  experiences by sharing your stories. Inspire others to adopt the outdoor lifestyle through the narrative of your journeys.

Connections with Fellow Campers: Immerse yourself in a community brimming with passionate camping enthusiasts eager to bond with like-minded individuals.

Grow Your Visibility: Showcased in a reputable blog, your work will reach a broader audience, concurrently bolstering your writing portfolio.

Shape the Camping Community: Your guidance, stories, and insights have the potential to impact the lives of those who share your profound affection for the great outdoors.

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What We’re Looking For

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  1. Personal Stories: Share with our community your captivating camping escapades—whether it’s a sweeping road odyssey, a tranquil campsite retreat, or a humorous misadventure.
  2. Camping Tips: Share valuable insights, tips, and clever hacks that can enrich the outdoor exploits of your fellow campers.
  3. Camping Lifestyle Chronicles: Unveil the facets of your camping lifestyle, whether it’s the nomadic allure of full-time camping or the colorful tapestry of your camping travel tales.
  4. Camping Gears: Share your perspectives on camping gear, ranging from the durability of tents and efficiency of camp stoves to the latest in camping enhancements and accessories.
  5. Camping Locations: Ignite inspiration by shedding light on your experiences at campgrounds, national parks, and concealed treasures that only a seasoned camper could unveil.

How to Get Started:

  1. Submit Your Article: Share your piece by sending it to [email protected].
  2. Review and Feedback: Expect a thorough review of your submission. We’ll provide constructive feedback if needed to ensure your content aligns with our standards.
  3. Approval Process: Once your article meets our criteria, we’ll collaborate to prepare it for publication on the E3 Camping platform and member channels.
  4. Inspire the Community: Witness the impact of your words and wisdom as they resonate within our vibrant camping and RVing community.

Join us in crafting a space where stories come alive and camping enthusiasts find inspiration!